I have been using Google Calendar and Emacs to handle calendaring but with increasing concern about owning my own data and some introspection about my Emacs-all-the-things bias I have decided to use an iCalendar (aka iCal) file instead. kontact

Not only are iCal files good for calendar events but basic task management and journaling as well.

This file format can be imported or exported from most any calendar app and it’s nice to have a local copy. Besides being offline a local copy can be helpful for system notifications.

I am still looking into the Android situation which is important for me for notifications and scheduling on the go. But before I do that I would like to migrate from Dropbox to ownCloud on which also has an iCalendar feature set. I think I’ve got my Raspberry Pi problem worked around but when to find the time?

I am still using Emacs Org mode for outlining, editing and tables but I’ve gone to the GUI-side with Kontact, a suite of open source personal information managment (PIM) software.

It’s like a dashboard for email, RSS feeds, events, note taking, and task management. On a KDE Linux distribution like Kubuntu it with minimal resources and a consistent look and feel to an entire ecosystem of open source apps.

The two modules that work with the iCal file are KOrganizer, and KTimetracker.

KOrganizer is useful alone when you want to do some scheduling and don’t need to see the full PIM dashboard. korganizer

KTimetracker can help ktimetrackeryou measure the actual time tasks take and export to text file for spreadsheet use.

KDE software is famous for having lots of features to customize your workflow and Kontact is no exception.

Being exposed to a LCD screen at night is like starting into a flashlight and is not good for sleep quality. Your brain thinks the blueish light before bed is something to stay awake for. Redshit helps with that.


[Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings. This may help your eyes hurt less if you are working in front of the screen at night. This program is inspired by f.lux]

With the GUI I have installed on Kubuntu 14.04 the app quits before shortly after starting.
So my work around is to open up a terminal. In may case it’s a F12 key for the Yakuake app and typing
redshift -l 43.5:-80.2 That starts redshift with adjustments for my latitude and longitude.

Twilight is an Android app the does the same job.

[How easily you can make a mess is how truly productive you can be. Maximum freedom to generate and play around in creative chaos is the optimal condition for constructive thinking and work.

This is true on a project, in the kitchen, in your office, and at your writing table—anywhere and anytime you want to get real work done.]


We need less security, not more

Why the best response to the Ottawa shootings is to open Parliament to all Canadians—not to fortify it – Macleans.ca



Personally, as a patriot and former reservist I have no sympathy for anyone killing Canadian soldiers. But is the Ottawa attacks really a military threat to Canada? Will police state measures prevent such attacks in the future?

It’s natural for citizens to have a primal reaction to such events but when coolers heads prevail and we look at the number of Canadians actually killed by mentally ill fundamentalists with addictions problems it is probably less than moose.

To actually reduce the risk of such events I would suggest better healthcare and zero tolerance for fundamentalists funded by oil-money and protected by religion.  Or those who do business with them.








Small groups or individual fanatics attacking is nothing new. Thucydides wrote about it 2500 years ago and I’m sure it happened plenty before that.

Increasing surveillance and decreasing civil rights is not likes to help. American has more than anyone and they still have crazy people busting into the White House.

What grinds my gears is when politicians talk about not being afraid and than take advantage of public fear for terror war powers.

[The objective of the attacks was to instil fear and panic in Canada, he said.
But he vowed to expedite security measures to toughen powers of surveillance and detention.
“They need to be much strengthened, and I assure you, Mr Speaker, that work which is already under way will be expedited,” Mr Harper said.]